About Me – Sandy Dawkins

Hi Ladies!

My name is Sandy Dawkins, from Great Falls, Montana, and I just want to take a minute to share my story and why and how I got interested in reviewing sex toys.

I was always a very sexual girl, starting from the early days of high school when I learned what masturbation was for the first time. I would do it on an almost daily basis, and that habit has persisted with me through high school, college and even today as I work in the real world. However, in college I learned about something from my freshman roommate that would change my life: sex toys.

They felt so much better than my hands, and with so many different types of sex toys, I could never get bored with how I masturbated. However, with so many options out there, I also realized that not every sex toy seller was the same. A few times during my college years, I ended up buying sex toys that literally broke in less than a week. It was completely frustrating, and even to this day the struggle of separating the good sex toy vendors from the bad ones hasn’t gone away completely.

In any case, when I eventually turned into the ripe old age of 27 (that was a joke, in case you didn’t get it), I finally decided to thoroughly review sex toys and the companies that sell them, and get the word out to women everywhere who could possibly be running into the same struggles that I have even to this day. By helping women figure out the best places to buy high-quality sex toys, I hope to help them truly live out their darling days to the fullest – days where you can confidently experiment with new and exciting sex toys constantly, ensuring that you never grow tired of the joy of self-pleasure.

Please note that all reviews are of my own opinion. For more information on my review process, click here.

And feel free to contact me at admin@darlingdays.com if you have any questions about my reviews or sex toys in general. I am here to help.