Blissful Cherry Review

Although it is still a relatively new company, Blissful Cherry came to my attention through word of mouth in my inner circle of sex-craved friends. One of them bought some sex toys from them and were very pleased, and word quickly got out eventually getting to myself within just a few days. As a result, I decided to take the time to review this intriguing site for myself.

The site itself is absolutely beautiful, starting with the website color scheme. The main color for their website is pink – however instead of the typical dark overbearing pink that is often seen in sex toy companies, this site uses lighter and more pastel forms of pink. Also, rather than using a typical white background that so many other websites use, Blissful Cherry makes use of a Pink and (I will call it) Peach gradient, which evokes a very warm and friendly feeling, but also a sexual feeling as well.

What I also really liked about this site is that they weren’t just about selling sex toys but also about helping to educate women (and men) on how to use them, along with many other aspects of sex in general that so many women desperately want to know, but just can’t find good information on. They have detailed guides on everything from the sex toys themselves, to various aspects related to sex toys and just sex in general. For example, my absolute favorite guide by Blissful Cherry is their guide on the 7 different types of vibrators that every woman should own. It is just so informative and thorough overall, and as the proverbial cherry on top, they make sure to offer every single one of those various vibrator types in their online store as well. While plenty of sites either provide information on sex toys, or sell sex toys, not many of them do both, and even the few that do pale in comparison to Blissful Cherry.

But moving on to their sex toy offerings in more detail: In short, their sex toy selection is quite superb. Although they don’t have all the super kinky sex toys that some of the competition offers, they cover the basics and keep everything organized with three different sections: dildos, vibrators and anal toys, each of which is pretty extensive in their own right.  And each section has their fair share of exotic offerings. For example, they have dildos that glow in the dark, and “oral sex” clitoral vibrators, just to name a couple. In addition, they responded very promptly to my email (they also give out a phone number!) with questions about their products and were very friendly and helpful overall.

Of all the sex toys there, the one that piqued my interest the most was their magenta “Rabbit Vibrator”, since the company presents themselves as a “Luxury” sex toy store, and this product definitely screamed “luxury” to me. Within three business days the product was shipped, and right away, I noticed that the packaging was very professional-looking. Also, bonus points for billing and shipping their sex toys under the alternative name “Paradise Enterprises” – quite useful for those who share credit cards or are afraid of neighbors or loved ones seeing their shipments before they do.

When I opened the box for the first time, I could immediately tell how stunning the product truly was. Most of the toy was covered in a sleek silicone material, with some gold-colored metal lining part of the handle. It also had some nice weight too it, indicating that it was very well-built. In terms of pleasure, it was honestly one of the best sex toys that I’ve ever used. The vibrations at the highest settings were amazing and brought chills throughout my body. Almost effortlessly, I was able to orgasm within minutes, doing nothing more than holding the vibrator in place inside my vagina and with the rabbit ears against my clitoris. To come a bit more slowly for my next orgasm, I used the lower settings, and while obviously not as intense, they still felt so pleasurable and built up the tension so much. In fact, once I switched from low to high vibrations, I came almost straightaway. Being able to essentially control when I came was so liberating. In the end, I came about four times over the course of an entire hour. And I’ve used the toy many, many times since them to similar results, consistently putting me into a genuine state of sexual “bliss” every time (Get it? Because their name is Blissful Cherry?).

Admittedly, the price of this sex toy, at $120, couldn’t be categorized as anything other than expensive. But for me, the sheer fact that this sex toy is one of the best sex toys I’ve ever used, plus the fact that I wholeheartedly expect this toy to last many years, justifies this price very well. Finding a high-quality sex toy is not as easy as it may seem, so finding a true gem is well worth the expensive price tag overall. And while a lot of Blissful Cherry’s sex toys are a bit pricey (although they do have some cheap items), the overall sense I get with them is that they are well worth the price, not just in terms of pleasure, but in terms of durability and overall quality as well.

STORE: 10 / 10

PRODUCT: 9 / 10

PRICE: 9 / 10

OVERALL: 9.3 / 10

BOTTOM LINE: Blissful Cherry is the definitive new kid on the block, but despite that fact, they are already blowing much of their competition away on just about all fronts. Their website is beautiful and easy to navigate, their customer service is fantastic, and most importantly, their sex toys are of extremely high-quality, perfectly engineered to help you achieve the ultimate sexual “bliss”. Their toys are so outstanding in fact, that even their more expensive sex toy offerings are worth paying for without question. My very enthusiastic recommendation of Blissful Cherry is based not only on my own personal experience in purchasing from them, but also on my firm belief overall that they are well on their way to becoming universally recognized as one of the big-name sex toy distributors.