LELO Review

This is a very prominent sex toy supplier, so I decided to go onto their website and purchase something from them. LELO is a Swedish company that has been around for a long time (since 2003), and they have established a pretty decent name for themselves over the years.

When I first went onto their website, I saw the layout and it was quite nice. Everything from the menus, and the different sections and the images were well done. Reading through all of their different information, I really got the sense that this company is trying very hard to create designer products that women will truly enjoy. I will say that on the whole, it was somewhat difficult navigating through all of their webpages to find what I wanted. In the end, I was still able to eventually navigate my way to the sex toy that I ended up deciding to buy, so it wasn’t catastrophically bad, but as a customer, the website should be much easier to navigate than that. Another small problem that I noticed was that the loading time for the pages took way too long. If I had to guess, they took maybe 4 seconds on average to load the main pages of the site, and while 4 seconds may not seem that long to you, note that webpages are supposed to load in milliseconds, so 4 seconds is really quite a long time to wait for the page to load. Again, similar to the navigation issues, it wasn’t a major issue, but it’s still a huge negative to the site overall.

Anyway, for my review, I decided to purchase the Gigi 2, and to start the product review off, the product was promptly shipped within 3 business days. No issues there. This product is a vibrator, but unique due to the fact that its vibrator head is not only curved upward slightly, but somewhat flattened as well. The idea behind it is that you can use it not only as a G-Spot vibrator, but also as a clitoral vibrator. I tried it using both techniques and found the results pretty amazing. The first time that I used it, I came almost straight away. One problem that I immediately noticed however was that the vibrations at the highest setting were way too intense, and I couldn’t even use them without feeling discomfort. That problem has remained even after I used the toy a few times, and honestly this seems like an issue that would happen with a lot of girls. Obviously the lower settings still provide lots of great pleasure and the product as a whole was really satisfying, but I was truly disappointed that the higher settings were basically unusable for me.

That observation however is just a small issue with the Gigi 2 which otherwise is full of bright spots, such as the fact that it was waterproof up to one meter deep, and fully rechargeable. And the product is clearly of the highest-quality, and I don’t foresee myself having to throw this vibrator out anytime soon. These sorts of features appear to be present on almost all of their toys which is a very good thing. There definitely appears to be a certain level of standard when it comes to quality that you can come to expect from LELO, no matter what sex toy you do decide on purchasing.

The price however, is where I have my largest gripe. Despite having a very unique and elegant design with two different ways of using it, I really cannot see how LELO can justify selling it for $139. That is honestly quite absurd. The quality is obviously top-notch, but I do not feel like anyone should be spending that kind of money, even if the product is durable enough to last a lifetime. This is in part due to my understanding that most quality sex toys also can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance, so I don’t see what is so special about LELO’s products to account for such a high price point.

I noticed this trend throughout their store, so regardless of what you get from LELO, you will be spending way too much money than it’s worth. Which is absolutely a shame, since the product itself is so good – just not worth the price they sell it for. In fact, some products are made with gold or other precious metals and start approaching the thousand dollar mark. This is where LELO just blew my mind with their absurdity. I feel bad for anyone who feels the need to purchase something that expensive that literally does everything a regular sex toy would do for you, for a huge fraction of the price. This elitist mindset from LELO and their belief that they only sell expensive products is really a huge turn-off for me, and I won’t be purchasing anything from them ever again.

STORE: 7 / 10

PRODUCT: 9 / 10

PRICE: 4 / 10

OVERALL: 6.7 / 10

BOTTOM LINE: Despite the site’s minor lack of optimizations for an easy customer experience, LELO clearly shows that they are a designer sex toy company, with plenty of unique and high-quality sex toys to choose from. However, this wide selection is only applicable to those willing to pay a pretty penny for their sexual pleasure. All in all, this company may be nice if you are significantly wealthy. Otherwise, your money is best spent elsewhere, where you can still get a luxury sex toy without giving up an arm and a leg for it.