Andy’s Adult World Review

I recently took a trip to sunny Los Angeles and decided to purchase some new sex toys, not just for the sake of reviewing them, but simply because I was in need for something new to add to my toy collection. After a quick check on Google Maps, I found what appeared to be a small store in East LA known as “Andy’s Adult World” and decided to check it out.

The store itself was in pretty prime location, right off of the I-710 (i.e. not right in downtown LA, but pretty close). And although this shop was just a regular old street store, as opposed to being a part of a shopping complex, there did appear to be ample parking behind the store itself in addition to the limited street parking out in front. I say “appear” because I caught the bus to this location and didn’t actually forgot about checking out the parking situation in detail until after I had left. The neighborhood itself was well populated with people walking up and down the streets, and even though I checked out the store right after my lunch, I am sure I would have felt safe checking it out even at night, despite going there alone.

To my surprise, the inside of the store was really nice. The floors were carpeted and the lighting was really nice and felt welcoming, even for casual shoppers. And even more impressive was the fact that there were all sorts of sex toys and other related products literally wall-to-wall in the store. I immediately felt like this Andy guy (assuming he still owns the place) really knew his stuff. In any case, the layout of the store was quite conducive to actually browsing and checking all the sex toys available before making a final purchase. The one thing I didn’t like however was that the employee out on the floor did not greet me when I walked in, even though he was not talking to anyone else at the time. I did notice him greet a few other people as they walked in, so maybe he just missed me somehow. But still, I would have liked a nice warm welcome regardless.

My final purchase was a large black dildo, made out of silicone and meant to resemble a real man’s penis (other than the color), from the texture to the veins along the shaft. The cashier was friendly and not awkward about my purchase whatsoever, and he put my purchase in a brown plastic bag and I was on my way. That night, I tried it out and I have to say that the toy itself really appeared to be of high quality. Not only was there no strange smell coming from the toy (which is often the case for silicone sex toys), but I even decided to lick it and I did not taste anything either!

In terms of pleasure provided, the product also definitely hit the spot for me. I definitely felt like the small details in the manufacturing of the product really came through and provided me with unique and distinct sensations, compared to other vibrators. For example, the veins on the dildo, while seemingly very small, definitely added a “ribbed” texture while it was penetrating me. In that sense, the attention to detail while making this sex toy definitely came through in a big way when it came to my sexual satisfaction. I will say that the sex toy itself was pretty large, being ten inches long, and I’m not sure that all women could handle something of that size (not to mention that sort of girth). However, as long as you know what you are getting into when you make this sort of purchase, you will be satisfied for sure.

The cost of this giant black dildo was $67.99 before taxes, and in my opinion that was quite a bit too much. And it definitely felt like that price was representative of all their products in general, as the rest of the products that I saw in the store also appeared to be slightly overpriced compared to similar products I’ve seen elsewhere. Perhaps they charged slightly more to account for the high-quality of their sex toys, but I personally think the increase in price was slightly higher than what was truly warranted. If you are willing to pay a little bit more for quality, then the products here are perfect for you. However, just know that for whatever you end up getting, you are paying slightly more than what you should be paying – at least in my opinion.

STORE: 9 / 10

PRODUCT: 9/ 10

PRICE: 7 / 10

OVERALL: 8.3 / 10

BOTTOM LINE: Andy’s Adult World is truly a hidden gem, all things considered. Even though their products may be slightly overpriced, they are still of great quality overall and are sure to provide you with tons of pleasure. Add in the fact that their store is in a prime location in the heart of Los Angeles, with a fantastic selection of sex toys and other products, and they are a must-visit for any sex toy connoisseur (at least for those who live in LA). It’s a shame that they are not an online store, as I would have gladly purchased from them again already if that were the case. But in any case, the next time I return to Los Angeles, I will definitely be making a concerted effort to visit them again.