My Review Process

Reviews are initiated when suppliers contact me, or if I happen to find a sex toy shop/website on my own. When suppliers inquire about me reviewing their product, I request a free sample and review their product in an honest fashion (i.e. all views towards the product / supplier are of my own and they do not pay me for positive reviews). For brick and mortar shops, I purchase the products myself and provide reviews on my own accord.

I review not only the sex toys themselves, but all aspects of the business. This includes the overall website for online business, and the overall store/location for brick and mortar businesses. Note that I review the business based on my entire experience from start to finish, with whatever sex toys that I actually purchase or receive (typically one) making up a big portion of my overall “score” (more on that below). Basically, think of me as a “food critic”, but for sex toy shops. If the one product that I end up getting is bad, the review for the entire business will more often than not be on the negative end of the spectrum, and vice versa.

All my reviews include individual ratings for: (1) Website or Store, (2) Product, (3) Price, followed by the overall score which is just an average of the three individual scores. Further description of how each category is scored is below.

WEBSITE / STORE: This considers layout and loading time of the website, or the location and quality of the store. Also includes judgement based on how easy it is to find what I am looking for, along with the quality of customer service if applicable.

PRODUCT: Self-explanatory. I consider the functionality of the sex toys that I receive/purchase, along with the overall quality of them, and obviously how good they make me feel sexually. I do not consider the price whatsoever in this rating.

PRICE: This rating considers the price based on how much sexual satisfaction I receive from the product, compared to other products on the market. For example, if a sex toy is slightly more expensive than the average sex toy, but I receive more pleasure from it, then the price is worth it, and my price rating for this product/company will be higher. This also applies to sex toys that are lacking in the pleasure department but come at an affordable price. Points are docked when a sex toy is too expensive for the experience it provides.

I eliminate any bias towards certain sex toys as much as possible. This includes bias towards certain materials. I try my best to look at the sex toy’s functionality and quality, as they were intended to be.