Sensually Yours Review

This review is from during my trip to Hawaii (the island of Oahu) last summer. While I was there, my then girlfriend was asking for a sexy dildo that we could use together in bed. Since she was going to be picking me up at the airport when I flew back, I wanted to see if I could find something on the island and surprise her. In the town of Honolulu, I found this quaint store and decided to check it out. Here is my review.

The store was conveniently situated right in the heart of Honolulu, literally just a few hundred feet away from the water. That was honestly perfect because I didn’t have much time during my trip there to go out sex toy shopping, but thanks to the proximity to my hotel (only about a 10-minute drive), I could get there and back in less than an hour. The location itself was part of a small shopping plaza, with a bunch of other restaurants and offices. Another positive was the fact that the store did not stand out in any way, other than the sign that read “Sensually Yours” a white font that was elegant, but not too over the top. This, along with the fact that parked cars blocked the main walkway and that the signs protruded over said walkways meant that I could easily walk into the store and no one would really notice which store I was walking into. I believe all the windows at the shopping plaza were tinted (if not outright blocked out), which was also nice to keep my shopping habits private.

The store itself was not that large, but they did have a wide selection of sex toys. I saw maybe three or four people in the store when I came in at about 10 AM on a Saturday, which is probably not too bad considering it was a sex toy store in the early morning. The cashier and register were smack dab in the center of the store. As soon as I walked in, one of the two guys at the register said hello and welcome, which was nice. They asked what I was looking for and I just said I was just looking (I don’t usually like having people help me find something, even if I know exactly what I’m looking for as was the case here). The selection was great, they had all sorts of dildos, vibrators, anal toys, BDSM and some other stuff as well.

I finally settled on a cute pink dildo which had a bit of shininess to it, and a flat base. The packaging was also very nice, as was the case for all the products there. When I went up to purchase it, they quickly scanned my item, asked whether I wanted to purchase any condoms or anything like that at the register’s counter (to which I politely declined), at which point they bagged my item in a generic black shopping bag and I was on my way. Like I said, from the time I left my hotel to the time I got back, it was about an hour tops.  Overall, no hassle and solid customer service so no complaints there.

The dildo itself though was a bit lacking. To start off, the material was way too rubbery and not as firm as I hoped it would be. And while the quality sure looked good, it quickly began to lose its sheen after a few days of use. And a few weeks in, scratches started forming that I couldn’t buff out no matter how hard I tried. Eventually scratches developed that were so bad that we couldn’t even use it anymore without feeling the scratch inside of us, a fairly unpleasant feeling. The dildo itself cost about $40, and only lasted about 5 weeks before we finally decided to throw it out.

Overall, the store itself was in a prime location, had great customer service and I could get in and out easily with no problem. Despite the rise of online stores everywhere, this brick and mortar shop seems to be doing well, perhaps in part because it is on an island and it may be more convenient for the locals to simply drive down and get all their sex toys there within an hour or two, rather than wait a few days for online orders to ship from the continental United States. However, the product I purchased was not the best, especially considering the price. Perhaps, the poor quality at Sensually Yours was an exception and not the norm, but unfortunately, until I go back to Hawaii, I won’t ever know for sure.

STORE: 10 / 10

PRODUCT: 6 / 10

PRICE: 8 / 10

OVERALL: 8 / 10

BOTTOM LINE: If you ever visit Hawaii (which everyone totally should at least once, cause it’s totally awesome!), it may be worthwhile to check out Sensually Yours while you’re there. The store itself boasts a prime location and great customer service, and while the products themselves may not all be of the highest quality, with its wide range of sex toy offerings, you may still be able to find something much more durable and pleasurable than what I found during my brief trip there.