Too Timid Review

Next up is my review of Too Timid, a sex toy company that I’ve only occasionally read about online, despite the fact that they’ve apparently been around for nearly two decades. Even when I did hear about the company, I would never even bother checking out there website, perhaps because the name “Too Timid” didn’t really appeal to my overtly sexual nature (just kidding… kind of). In any case, this time around, I actually decided to check out their site, and kept an open mind in order to keep this review as fair and impartial as possible. Now without further ado, let’s get right into it!

The first thing I thought of when I entered their site was their seemingly old design layout. It was a simple two color scheme with a dark rose-like color at the top of the page and then the rest of the page was essentially white. But I don’t think the color scheme made the site look old as much as the font and the layout of all their sex toys on the homepage. Everything just looked bland and uninspiring. And that was really a shame because in hindsight the sex toys themselves actually looked quite intriguing, but in the moment, I was turned off by overall look and feel of the website itself.

Also just as an aside, it looks like Too Timid is still working with Fed Ex for their deliveries and that also left a pretty bad taste in my mouth due to the fact that FedEx is continuing to partner with the NRA, despite the recent shooting in Florida. If you’re not as passionate about that sort of thing as I am, you probably wouldn’t care that much, but I just thought I would mention that. I didn’t actually consider this fact in my final rankings, FYI. I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to tell Fed Ex to go and suck it, LOL. Anyway, back to my review…

As I started browsing the actual items, another thing that really pissed me off was all of the annoying pop-ups. The weird part about it was that they were all promoting their own site and their discounts, so it was even more irritating to me. Note that regular banner-style ads probably would have been OK, but the fact that I am about to click on an image to get a close-up and an annoying pop-up obstruct my view was nothing short of maddening. In fact, it was a huge turn-off, basically to the point where I didn’t even want to purchase from them anymore. But alas, in order to complete my review, I had to ignore the annoying pop-ups on every single product page that I browsed in order find what I was looking for. But if I was shopping online regularly, I would have closed the window immediately after the second or third pop-up, regardless of how great their “special offer” was. There are plenty of other sex toy stores online that can make just as great offers, WITHOUT annoying the hell out of me.

Anyway, I finally settled on the “Thrusting Jack Rabbit” which looked really cute with a shimmering light purple exterior and some internal metal components that made it look fun and flirty, but also kinky at the same time. The product arrived in 5 business days, which was not the fastest, but within the typical window for most companies to ship their products. When I first opened the box and held it in my hands, I knew I was in for disappointment. First off, the buttons at the base for turning the vibrator on and selecting the intensity were made out of plastic. Plastic! I couldn’t believe it. And I could tell right away that even with the metal (at least I think they were metal) components in the interior, the vibrator was extremely light, which is a typical sign of poor quality

I eventually tried the vibrator out for myself and my disappointment fully came to fruition. Using this rabbit vibrator was just underwhelming in terms of pleasure. Even at the highest setting, the vibrations just felt like annoying tingling on my insides. I did in fact orgasm using this toy, but I think most women will agree that any sex toy, especially a rabbit vibrator, will make you orgasm at least once. But this one just left me wanting more. For vibrators in general, the most important aspect to a great sex toy is the quality of the vibrations, and I could tell right away that this toy wasn’t very good.

But the price of the toy was the real kicker. At an astonishing $99.95, I don’t think I have to say much in terms of how I view the value I got out of this toy. But in case it isn’t clear to you: the price was nowhere near worth what I ended up receiving. And what pissed me off the most was that this item was supposedly a “best seller”. Based on that alone, I have significant concerns over the rest of their sex toy offerings. Perhaps you may find a decent sex toy if you are lucky, but in my opinion, you are way more likely to end up wasting your money in a big way if you buy from them.

STORE: 7 / 10

PRODUCT: 2/ 10

PRICE: 2 / 10

OVERALL: 3.7 / 10

BOTTOM LINE: The only reason this score wasn’t lower is because I just felt bad giving scores of 1 for the product and price score. But in all honestly, this company was absolutely terrible. They started out by irritating me with all of their website pop-ups, and ended by making me severely regret my purchase, not just from a pleasure standpoint, but from a price standpoint as well. In fact, even if Too Timid was the only sex toy seller on Earth, I would be more inclined to just use my hands rather than purchase anything else from them. Do not waste your time with them, plain and simple.